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The Lyfe Sponsorship Program

The mission of The Lyfe Sports is to empower all young athletes by building character development, leadership skills, communication and self-esteem. The Lyfe Sports has partnered with InGenious Visions LLC to create The Lyfe Sponsorship Program. The Lyfe Sponsorship Program provides stability, community engagement, a connection between peers and other athletes, a minor college scholarship, technology and tools to produce competent future business leaders.

A passion for sports often starts at a very young age. The Lyfe Sponsorship Program, is for all athletes aged 12-19, who currently play the sport of choice below (every season there will be a new sport of choice, so check back if you don’t see your sport). The competition helps young athletes grow and flourish into the next stages of their athletic career. This will be your first “Sponsorship” deal as an athlete.


The Sponsorship would run for One (1) Grading Semester (9 Weeks). Interested athletes must meet eligibility requirements and submit the required items below no later than the specified date. Three finalist will be chosen who will then become “Honorary Benefactors”. The Honorary Benefactors will then compete for the 9 weeks trying to sell as much merchandise as possible  while maintaining the other requirements of sponsorship. At the end of the 9 weeks, totals will be calculated and awards will be granted. Winners will be listed on our sites and contacted accordingly.


  • Aged 12-19 at time contest
  • Currently play SPORT OR CHOICE
  • Current GPA 2.75 or above
  • Reside in New York
  • Must have social media account(Parents are welcomed and encouraged to use their accounts)
  • Must feel comfortable taking pictures(Parents are welcomed and encouraged to take the photos and post to their accounts)

Your Sponsorship Requirements:

  • Maintain at least a 2.75 Grade point average during the period
  • Post daily using provided Hashtag to social media
  • You or Your legal guardian must like/follow The Lyfe on specified Social Platform
  • Wear Sponsor merchandise during games and/or outings (must post selfie/Photo) *Transportation must be provided to games or outings, in some cases transportation will be provided*

Main Prize:

As compensation for completing ALL requirements stated above athletes will earn

  • Main Prize:
    • Grand Prize: 15% or $500*
    • Contender: 10% or $250*
    • Commended: 5% or $125*(% of all sales made on thelyfesports.net/shop during the period of 9 weeks or cash prize, whichever is greater, to be paid out in the form of a savings bond for college)
  • In addition to the main prize, athletes will be included in a global press campaign with The Lyfe Biz and InGenious Visions, and featured across The Lyfe Biz websites and and events in Fall 2018.


To enter to when please submit the following by ENTER A DATE, the three (3) contestants will be selected by ENTER DATE, contest starts on ENTER DATE.

  1. Have a parent or guardian complete and sign:
    • Entry Form
    • Consent Form
      • Transportation/Form* (Will be sent if accepted into program/as needed)
      • Medical Release Form*(Will be sent if accepted into program)
  2. Video of you playing the sport
    • Video should be a min of 1:30
    • File format should be .MP4
  3. Picture to be feature with article about you
    • File format should be .PNG or .JPG
  4. Copy of  report card from last grading period
  5. A letter of recommendation from his or her coach
  6. Follow “The lyfe” on Instagram

    To get a complete list of Rules Click HERE.