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What Is Wrong With Big Ben and The Steelers???

(NFL) It pained me to watch that horrific game between the Jaguars vs Steelers game as to what looked like Big Ben was the Jaguars best offensive player, throwing a career high of five interceptions. Three of those interceptions were returned for touchdowns and were the difference in a 21 point loss. Steelers scored fewer than 10 points at home for the first time since the 2013 opener.

Coming off a 26-9 win over their division rivals last week, just for the Steelers to tank today. They were completely embarrassed at home by the Jacksonville Jaguars team.

The Steelers’ defense held Blake Bortles to just 95 yards total passing and kept Leonard Fournette almost in check, if you don’t count the 90-yard touchdown at the end of the game. So what I wont do is blame the defense for this embarrassment that was took place today.

The problem for the Steelers was on the offensive side of the ball. Which is really weird to even be mentioning due to all the talent they (we) have.

When you’ve got the most talented running back in the league, Le’Veon Bell only rushed for 15 attempts? HOW??? especially when he was coming off a huge Week 4 performance.

The blame not only falls on the play caller but also the man under center.

Ben Roethlisberger performance was just horrible today.

The best duo in the league right now is Big Ben and Antonio Brown. But something isn’t clicking for Ben. Retirement is looking like a possibility for the QB. One has to wonder if he got what it takes to continue on with the team. At some point, the Steelers will have to move on.


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