Sports is a Lyfestyle…




Unequal® has taken technology from the battlefield to the sports field.
Invented by company Founder and CEO Rob Vito, Unequal® is military grade protection that is now modified for sport. With over 100 patents in the US and abroad, Unequal® is fortified with technology like no other. Our military grade composites are built with TriDur™, Accelleron® and optional ImpacShield™ to provide the ultimate protection. From the World Cup to the NFL to collegiate and high school players, Unequal® protects the best. Get Battle Ready.

Sport shouldn’t be so scary.
No kid should die playing a game.
Nobody’s brains should get rattled while thousands cheer.
And the old lions should walk away with a little roar left in them.
But everyday Sport gets bigger, faster, more dangerous.
Who will protect Sport from itself?
Who will keep the game, a game?
For years, we’ve made the gear that protects the biggest heroes on earth.
Nobody knows more about displacing concussive impact than we do.
We have the tech. And the guys in the lab figured out how to modify it for sport.
Thin, light, breathable and flexible.
So the way we see it, it’s on us. It’s our responsibility.
To take care of all the heroes, big and small.
Starting today, we’re on watch.
We got this

For more information and a full list of products, please visit www.unequal.com.