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Cincinnati Loss To Louisville

(NCAABB) With only 2.2 seconds left in the game, Louisville Cardinals guard Russ Smith hit a game-winning shot to beat the Cincinnati Bearcats 58-57 today.

Although Cincinnati coach Mick Cronin said that losses in the NCAA tournament are the worst ones because it means the season is over, it appears he took this loss to Louisville a little harder than most.

“Obviously a hard fought game, better described as a blood bath,” said Cronin. “We came up one point short. I got my disappointments, but at the end of the day we didn’t get the job done down the stretch. Defensively we didn’t get the job done; we had a three point lead and gave up two layups. That was our watershed moment.”

Cronin continued to say his team played hard, just not very well.

“We had our chances. Despite turnovers, giving them layups four or five times. Just throwing them the ball and giving them layups. That’s because my guys really played hard, which I appreciate. I love them for how hard they play. We just didn’t play very well today, we didn’t play very smart today. Even if we would have won, we’d have won because of our toughness. We wouldn’t have won because of our execution today.”


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