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4th Grade Basketball Phenom Mike Miles HIGHLIGHTS

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According to the Dallas News, Mike Miles only 9 yrs old and is already being called the next Allen Iverson. He’s a long way away from the NBA, but the 9-year-old prodigy is already getting a lot of national attention.

He’s been called a point guard prodigy. But his Texas Titans teammates know him as Mike Miles.

“He’s a stud,” said Drew Scott, a shooting guard for the Texas Titans. “He’s the quickest person I know. He can shoot the ball. He can dribble. He can play defense. He’s amazing.”

The incoming Wilmer Huchins fifth grader started playing basketball 7 years ago.

“When I turned three my mama and my brothers started teaching me how to play,” he said.

And he was a quick study.

“Some of the things he does do, I’m like ‘Where does he get that from?'” Jeanee Miles said.

His mom is his biggest fan and worst critic. But she said none of his recent national attention has gone to his head.

“Mike has watched his video maybe six times and gone to his brother and says, ‘Hey, did I do this move? Did I travel?’ He’s not watching it in amazement; he’s watching it because he’s on the Internet. He’s watching it to find out what he did wrong,” she said.

If Miles’ name sounds familiar it’s because he shares it with the new DISD superintendent.

“He’s going to be my claim to fame and I’m going to say, ‘I have a name like this guy,'” the superintendent said.

The elder Miles played point guard too growing up in Colorado and even coached third grade YMCA basketball. But he said he’s never seen a kid like his namesake.

“I definitely wanna be like Mike,” he said.

Check out this young talented kids highlights below ——->

Mike Miles Highlights


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